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Welcome To Lions District 49B

Fellow District 49B Lions, The New Year is upon us already. So much has been accomplished this last year, with the sight first trailer, the recycle center up and running, and all your club’s different projects both large and small. It really shows that 49B knows what Lions are all about. And I would like to start this year with the following thought. Recently a young man in a wheelchair ask me “What do Lions serve”. Well I thought about the rep we sometimes have at the late night host rooms, but could not answer with that. So after it sunk into this thick skull of mine, I answered with this;

Lions serve JOY, When a young child receives a pair of glasses from one of our many eyeglass recycle centers, goes to school and sees what is written on the blackboard clearly, or goes to the library to check out a book because now they can see and read the words. When a grandparent gets new glasses and see their grandchildren clearly, maybe for the first time. Well the JOY that shines from those eyes could almost blot out the sun.

Lions serve FREEDOM. A handicap persons get a wheelchair or power scooter, or a Lions clubs rebuilds that persons home to make it more useful for their handicap, or has a big project that is able to get a vehicle equipped for the handicap. No longer are they handicapped, but now have the FREEDOM to go and do what they want.

Lions serve INDEPENDENCE. When the visually impaired gets a computer monitor enlarger, or a Seeing Eye dog is given to them by a Lions club. It gives them the INDEPENDENCE to go back to work, or move about their community (or even the world) without being tied to someone else by the elbow. It even gives those that love and care for them Independence as now the dog can lead and keep them safe.

Lions serve HOPE. When dastards happen like the recent tsunami, or a fire or flood wipes out a families home and despair sets in and it seems like all Hope is gone. Who steps in to help, many times before anyone else? LIONS that’s who!! We serve hope that we may yet see Helen Kellers dream and challenge come true, that all preventable blindness will one day soon be cured.

So fellow Lions when you are asked “What do Lions serve”, answer We serve JOY – FREEDOM – INDEPENDENCE – but best of all We Serve HOPE to our communities – countries – and the World.

Yours in Lions
Richard Williams
Governor, District 49B

Update: Informational Flyer on the Delta Lions Club Bison Hunt Raffle.

Update: MD 49 Convention April 19-22. Registration Information, MD 49 Ballot, & Agendas on Convention page

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